Red Carpet And Rebellion


Red carpet and rebellion Makes ya wonder at these established ones They ain't out to get ya Cuz your a mile away Fuck I heard a siren, a city waring, they said a new dawn arrives in the morning So I wait out tonight for the, the new sunrise They laid me to rest with an, an aberration I woke up the living dead colossally mistaken I ran through the streets and I broke down There aint no money there ain't no time Yeah I'm out of my mind Don't want to waste this away I feel shamed when I am and shamed when I'm not The configuration of the american dream Fuck The palace disled in the streets were burning The red horizon, came crashing through the morning There was no contentment, only bloodshed Red blood and social discontent, bruised and puritan Oh puritan exempt, It's like a peasant uprising St Petersburg, 1905 Father garpan led the protest...up inside...up inside We are gone, we are gone, we are gone, I'll run a mile till I find a hung jury Where there is ared carpet there is rebellion Red carpet and rebellion

Make ya wonder why they smell so bad They out to get ya cause your a mile away