Lost Sight (remix)

D Sisive

featuring Abdominal

Inhale... Waiting to ex. from the speculation

As my mind rotates in that 360 rotation

Verbal sedation's eliminating the hesitation

From the fascination that I'm facing

but why am I facing fascination in the first place?

The first taste of simple rejection would be the worst case in my thoughts...

The first taste of should be the most unforgettable

But the curse is laced with strict questions thats hypothetical

Like how pathetically am I facing this situation?

Will I ever make it real,

or forever will it be a simulation of constant struggle and frustration

Immediate thoughts of lost motivation fills my brain capacity

While drasticaly i'll put in effort, and your response is fast asleep

But still many men are passing me, really it has to be

An offering that you can accept

That I possess, but still I stress

and ponder the thought of you just saying yes

But we all know that will never be cause qualities in my anamotomy

Could all be postive and that still wont matter see

And again and again I try, you say no, and I say why?

Then I try to lie to myself and say you're really not that fly

But then I face reality and come to senses with my self

And put my egotistical ways, way back up on the shelf...

Cause on my impulses I'll act

With a major effort to get my sight back

** Hook ** (X2)

If love is blind, why can't I hand it vision?

And how did I get myself in this position?

But I got to keep switching...Back and forth, forth and back...

Side to side with an effort to get my sight back...

Elevate while my thoughts stay between that fine line

Which be seperating life from love and hate

I close my eyes and slowly meditate, hesitate, trying to set it straight

Taking in big pictures while observations try to evaluate

The scences that revolve around me, suspiciously

Worshipping qualities religiousley, while physically not catching a vibe

It seems that I'm always so underrated

Cause the longer that I'm waiting lets others start escalating

To the plateau that I had so anticipated

Then I finally reach my peak and find the premises evacuated

Obstacles that were faced left me infatuated

Fascinated at the third degree, you see...

I plea and contemplate, try to rebalance my situation,

Words merely for conversation

My feelings are based upon a pure relationship

Blew a kiss then said peace and salutations

** Hook ** (X2)

Paradoxically elusive, but yet intrusive into my life

This girl as wife...conductive to nice, love to seduce this

Abusive? I'll never get, girl bet

Hard to hit somebody when you're steady lying up in bed for weeks on end

Which succinctly describes our scenario

Moving together at a rhythm that be very slow

Up and down 'til we reach that delectable crescendo

Somewhat like a sexual merry-go-round

On the agenda next?