Trials And Tribulations

D Sisive

featuring Instinct

Crib notes fell out of your pocket speedwalking from lost battles

Your soul fled the spot but physical caught in shackles

Poison in your apple turn your princess to my mistress

Verbal fitness landing where my fist is

Your only witness was blinded with alert

With the verse I make the world orbit in reverse

You run fast when your eyes catch me taking off my pen cap

Drill a hole in your middle and place your skin on a coat rack

Release spit fire, unleash causes decease

Cut out your own Adam's Apple and feed it to Eve

As MC, Im reaching higher than THC

Blood levels in devils and crack fiends on drug scenes

Chattering knees slowly collapse as you rest

You freezing at 90 degrees, but see me in sweat

Your skills are in debt by my presence you start stuttering

Use your last breath and say Instingt while muttering

* Hook * (X2)

I try, but I fail, and times will prevail

all my problems through the Trials and Tribulations

Situations tell the tail, but I'm tipping the scale,

bidding farewell to all the Trials and Tribulations

My manifestation be the cause of cancellation, underachievers be facing

The penetration, while the impatient begins their pacing

On a daily basis, "Style", I'm hearing basics, "While"

You keep rehearsing your versatile sound,

I'm stomping through the underground

At profound speeds,

leaving the quaterbacks receiving sacks when the present MC lacks

The opportunity to lock shit down like Steve Sax,

your third eye gets cataracts when my forth eye attacks

"Your counteracts" Cause you're bound to be wack,

and I'm talently stacked

Imitations be changing when I challenge three packs

"The wannab