Love and Caring

Crystal Castles

Here′s my genius plan
Make a superior man
Anatomically builtThis half corpse can't guilt
It′s hard to find your insect heart
Blue blood, tear apart
Shattered glass, shattered rib
Now my hand will start to give

How does your body retain blood?
You're my decomposing love
I'm doctor death, Mary Beth
Now I have a hearse to get
Silent scream
Scissored seams
Open you up
Drown in kerosene

What the fuck is this?
Oh, it′s the bass

When I cut deep you′ll think of me
Until your lobotomy
No anesthetic, lay your pace
Mutilate the human race
This way we can be together
Mangled hearts stitched with leather

I've been waiting for so long
Your silent scream′s my favorite song