Mr. Beautiful

Cheyenne Kimball

I Look at all the pictures, and I have to wonder why
You were always laughing, and I'm about to cry
It's hard to see the mirror, when your blinded by the sun
And I can't say I'm sorry, I thought you were the one

I gotta keep leaving, if I'm going to get over you
I gotta keep moving, I've had all I can do
I gotta believe in, we both know the truth
Good-bye Mr. Beautiful, your someone I never knew

I think of all the moments, when I was so alone
And you were there right next to me, when nobody was home
And I'm defined as a prisoner, inside your selfish world
There wasn't enough room for me, and all your other girls


Don't tell me you love me, you don't know what love is anyway
I'm saying its over and i wanna do what i say
And i gave you a million chances to make it right, make it right, make it right
Your never gonna make it right, so

[Chorus x2]