Full Circle

Cheyenne Kimball

Take everything out just put it back, right where we found it,
you, your hands in your jeans,
were you waiting for me?
cause that's how I found you.

Every word seemed to roll off your tounge,
like honey on my lips,
I never thought I could get enough.

You took me around the block,
but I couldn't stop,
I thought it was real.
the rush, so intoxicated,
I look back and I hated,
that I couldn't tell.

I'm lying alone on the floor,
just laughing at myself.
how could I ever go back for more?

Put, everything back,
that you took out, right when it started.

When we started... [x2]

How can I get back what you can't give out again?...

How can I face my mother, how can I face my friends?...

How can I look in the mirror and try to love again?

[chorus x2]

Take my deepest breath,
I just let it out,
I will be stonger.

You took everything out,
I put it back, just where you found it