Rex Irae (requiem: Overture - Fourth Version)

Celtic Frost

[INTRODUCTION: Rex Irae ...]

[DREAM ENCOUNTER:(King Wrath)(Dream Voice)]

You ...... have joined your father's feast

Those who saw: Essence or fall

Floods of dramatic silence

And words, from whom we don't know


Let me dream ...

Flee from false ...

I have tasted the weight of lust

My hands on the skein of height

... A pallid death

Mirage into dark

The horizons echo your glance

Following a detractive sleep

I am the wrath beneath the heavens

The downfall's monologue

Fallen into the vision of effect

Quiet as gods can be

(Joining the king's words)Orgies of fear

lnbreeding and death

I have walked Carthagia's sands

l've touched those buried walls

I am the ...

All mortal is love?

Remembrance has won

Breathing glorified innonce

Quiescence has died therefore

I am the ...


We stood before the portals of Babylon

And saw it's petrified fall

... Have seen your decline's symbols

But carried another life

We tasted the wine of Persepolis,

As mute as our era's breath

Death was never a fragment of

Exalting fantasy ...


This last region - Last of fire

Orgasmic cries - Tears and words

Wrath and strenght - Oh, gods! For you!

Before the throne ... - Death


Fright and praise

A faded light

Intimate rests my book

Unwritten what seems true

I am the ...

Art of might!

You remaining king

Take your predesessor's hand

You son of my Jade gift ...

I am the ...