I Won't Dance

Celtic Frost

I did taste their only dream

As denial was still unborn

Secrets beyond those dethroned walls

And echoes of a martyr's scream

Deterrent vibrates the allurements face

As my barque drowns toward conquest

Don't quieten the elder's tears

For they've forseen our past

Covered lies our remembrance

As symbols turn to dust

I won't dance

I won't dance

I won't dance within despair

I won't dance

The elder's orient

Journey lnto a wicked world

My body beneath the skies

Erotic wishes, my heart has failed

Incalculable is the surface's breath

Paralyzed form - the ring of death

Steps on the stairs to my silent ecstasy

Caress of the mental space

Thrones of fake life

Eternal addiction towards those eyes

(Gods) didn't you believe my earthbound call?

Slipping into the hidden sun

Intoxicated by an endless fall