Millenarian Drive

Celestial Season

Come to the world where the sane man crawls

and drop a lot of worries there

feel delight

wrong for a while when the wind went dry

it took a minute to deny it's sad song

Come to the world where the good man saw

and grab another bottle man

flush it down

hold up your hands to the intemate crowd

"superior life... let's try it out"

Makes me crazy to agree with the reasoned crap they still proclaim

my son, come to the world where the sane went numb

I traded trust for the wrong kind of answers

made me longing for the dark

but I became one with the sparks of my own fire

and now insanity is moving out of town

ride on, I rest my case

ride on, this sadness will break

I'm living next to the restless

I'm living next door to hate

but I call it out