Lonely Man Burning

Celestial Season

this war is over

I'm getting sober in my head

I'm growing older

leaving the colder man for dead

over my shoulder

I loose control again and again

I'm out of order

but on a concrete fundament

feed the burning man inside

try to, try to

feed the burning man tonight

this empty dayride

these lonely days that never end

are out of view

last night I was floating

I saw the flames inside a house

the door wide open

the firebirds were flying out

I wrote it in my book: 'it's the mystery you can't control'

the women, alcohol, the misery in your best friends call

you'll get your share of all this reality TV, somewhere,

keep dreaming

this hurricane that rose is big enough to choose a path

the dusty curb, the scars it made are someones reservoir

the love your searching for is closer than the nearest bar

keep dreaming