Don't Care Who Knows [TMS Mix]


I present to you
Keisha White

[Verse 1]
When I saw you boy I had nowhere to hide
No matter where I turned
I found you up down left to right
Didn't wonder why normally I'm so shy
He's like fire he can light on the sky
I don't know where
We move together
My sanity desire to hear

You the girl of my dreams you mean the worlds to me
Ain't no other girl for me I know I treat you terribly
Plus trust is important in relationships
I've been taking it for granted you managed to take this shit
I know I make you sick and you wish I'd treat you better
They say if you cheat once then you'll cheat forever
But I don't speak until these freaks after we sleep together
It's a bond between us

Ladies holler if you don't care who knows
Ladies holler if you go there it shows
Ladies holler if you don't care who knows
Ladies holler if you go there it shows

Break it down...

[Verse 2]
Show me how you're feeling now
'Cause you know it takes a bigger person
You got me kind of sprung
But it's just seeing out your sense
But where messing with this screaming and laugh
I really care 'cause I gotta like that
I won't miss ya
I'm caught up in your twister
And I love the way you're spinning me around

It's nothing like when we cuddle under the sheets together
We could go to Sandro Peas and lay on the beach together
I get coochie from the groupies I'm famous
You know how to gain but boo you my main chick
'Cause you gave me support when I needed that
I cheated on you plenty of times and you never cheated back
And that's why I love you to death
If your love ever left
My heart will stop pumping blood in my chest


From the first time
I really don't mind
'Cause I'm doing fine
With you or without
I see you coming near
I see you going far
There's so much to life do you know where you are
I just wanna take you there
Showing me what's important in life
'Cause I'm trying to be good with
That's why I feel so right

[Chorus x2]

Ladies holler yeah...

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