Tragic End

Campfire Girls

I know a girl

That gave her heart away

Gave and gave 'til there was not a thing left inside

Then she turned

And she walked away

And at the door

Coulda swore I heard her say

That she would die

And now she's gone away

Never to remain

Believe me when I say

That when I saw her face

Her eyes were filled with pain

And all that I could say was

"No more pain"


I know a guy that gave his soul away

To a man who had

Crept up on him from behind

And like a bird with a broken wing

He sat around on the ground

He didn't know that he could fly

And now the time has some

He's layin' in the sun

He's not the only one

And on the night he died

He looked into my eyes

I thought I heard him say

"No more pain"