Broken Tooth

Campfire Girls

I'm drivin' in you car

I'm listenin' to the radio

I'm drivin' by your house

I'm callin' on the telephone

I'm smokin' like it's cool

I'm drinkin' like a drunken fool

I sit here in this room

With a razor blade and a broken tooth

And I wait for you



I'm cryin'


Is there somethin' I could do?

Is there somethin' I could say to you?

Is there somewhere we could go?

Somewhere to just be alone

They would never know



Is there somewhere we can go?

Somewhere just to be alone

I'm drinkin' by the pool

I'm drownin' a the thought of you

I'm feelin' like a fool

If I could only make it up to you

When I think, I think of you

When I drink, baby, I drink to you

So here's to you



Tell me why I'm broken down

'Cause I don't even know

Tell me where to go

Tell me where to go

Tell me where to go, oh