Washington Tube Steak

Burnt By The Sun

Who's world is this? Who's maddening world

is this turned upside down or is right-side up

with peaceful lives now put at risk

It's Thickening.

It's so Sickening.

Might makes right but within our short sight.

we can't see this light has no end in sight.


to destroy that which we protect

cutting our throats to save our necks

And it's thickening, It's so sickening.

And if it would end

would this madman be your friend

when the cost is the freedom lost.

Lay down.

And you can tell me that you have heard.

Now tell me what's going on.

And you can tell me all that you have read.

Now tell me what's going on.

And you can tell me that you believe

but what the fuck is going on...with this world?

Madmen roam this earth.

I'd be a fool to say I approve

when they refuse to give us anything

but untainted views

I don't trust one word.

Pax Americana infidelis

will be the next cry of the world.

Hold on to what you've got. Hold on to all you've thought.

400 billion won't buy us peace of mind.

But just keep that to yourself.

Who are you to say we've got nothing to fear

once we've wiped the board clear

when madmen become kings (stand clear).