Revelations 101

Burnt By The Sun

Just you wait until this ends.

Just you wait till we learn.

Just you wait till we know.

Just you wait till we know.

"I will wait to find out.

I swear I hope I'm wrong.

I hope the truth is warm.

I want to come in from the cold"

So you think you figured it out?

So you think one day a week will do?

So you think your will is free and clear?

So you think you think.

What can you say you truly know

when so much has be covered

and re-covered with dust?

The war for men's minds only blinds us from

what's in front of our eyes.

But we're all experts now.

We all know the world over and over again.

We've all watched too much TV to not know

what we stand for.

We're walking into World War III.

Open your eyes, witness the prophecy

and the 5th sun falls.

Some think it noble to fill the prophecy

create reality, march into finality

This evil opposed, no chance for me goes disposed.