I Will Always Return

Bryan Adams

I hear the wind call my name -

The sound that leads me home again.

The sparks of the fire,

A flame that still burns...

To you, I will always return.

I know the road is long,

But where you are is home.

Wherever you stay,

I'll find the way.

I'll run like the river,

I'll follow the sun.

I'll fly like an eagle,

To where I belong.

Can't stand the distance,

I can't dream alone,

I can't wait to see you -

Yes, I'm on my way home.

Now I know that it's true,

That every road leads to you.

And in the hour of darkness,

Your light gets me through.

You run like the river,

Your show lights the sound.

You fly like an eagle,

Yeah, you are the one.

I've seen every sunset,

And with all that I've learned -

It's to you I will always,



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