Irrelevant Rime

Bounty Killer

Whey yuh say, yuh name Whodini
Mi nuh have nuh problem if yuh a hood Deanie
Mi gawn wid Queenie
Check yuh argument keenly
Lawd a mercy
Scare Dem ask some guy whey say dem name Whodini
A wonder if dem check dem own story keenly
Say him jus run pass Queenie and gone wid Deanie
Lawd a mercy, eh yow, di argument get steamy
Lawd a mercy, lawd a mercy
A wah tek da fool yah ? I nuh know rasta

1. Well a hear a bwoy a call himself Mr Whodini
A say gal want him a nuh mi or Beenie
But him never check him own story keenly
Him run pass Queenie and guh hood off Deanie
An a say dem promise him a lamborghini
Thru him love lights it mek him eyes dem dreamy
Him miss focus and taught its Queenie
Him an a man a wine an pushini


2. Well this really country DJ only come yah wid pure rime
When yuh a rime check yuh meaning same time
Irrelevant words just to make up yuh punchline
Seems as if dem want to contray mi audience mind
Mi fans have good brain and dem head incline
If yuh mek mistake, object same time
Bwoy come a repeat like when cassette a rewind
Mi fans dem tell mi kill him long time
Enter the stage an him cause all big crime
Yuh dead if yuh hood Deanie a next time


Well one bag a loose argument dem talk for no cause
Him same one did say him mumma cook blue draws
Now yuh come a sing bout Rock Hudson and Boy George
How dem have sweater like him did sleep a dem yard
Thru him name Leonard, him lend him tings hard
Now yuh a guh dead from Scare dem step in charge
Mi lyrics dem nuh rewind an dem jus nah pause
How yuh say yuh bad an waan fi bruck Scare Dem Laws
Yuh dead a TG likea road dog


Well dem nuh have nuh education dat is my conclusion
Dem nuh talk no facts dem only talk pure fiction
Pure foolinish and this bag a illusion
One bag a bullshit fi cause confusion
Two road before yuh, deejay choose one
Lyrics or gimmicks yuh must tek a direction
Well yuh loose yuh seat I man run election
Check yuh catalog and reselect yuh selection.