Tear & Bore

Bounty Killer

Well a nuff gal mi bump off before,
when man a run through the gal them like store,
Have gal a bruck out and open them like door.
Well, mi a pimp send mi all a the whores,
mek mi put them on a bed room tour
with this wuck so hard it can not ignore.
Gal make them application fi this ya hard core.
When, mi go lend them Mr. Tear and Bore

1) Now, them a search fi me from A go to Z
say them hear how mi wuck tremendous inna bed,
who nuh waa f*ck mi off say them waa give mi head,
mi attack Virgin Island wid mi long cho-cho peg.
Gal a bumb rush mi scramble mi like egg,
woman a sandwich mi like them daily bread,
gal call off mi phone till mi teeth all a nedge,
outstanding performance the news all a spread.

2) Cham, man a run through the gal them like passage,
gal open you legs when bad man want you cratches,
mile and a half mi give her without nuh stoppage,
she go tell her friends now them attack mi pan rapid.
Hell and powder house when mi and a gal inna mi cottage,
bun down them little cho-cho field to aches,
some call it cane and some call it sausage,
well, them say them love mi flashes and dashes