Wake Of Orion

Bleeding Through

look into my eyes, say it's alright,

but nothing lasts forever I'll rip the nerve from your heart and I refuse,

I refuse to live this way.

eliminate, erase the most beautiful face I've ever seen,

to salvage this frozen heart.

I feel fake, I'm feeling abused, someday,

a new day will come after eight long years of you walking by me never looking my way.

this is a testament that we must consume.

just to feel your touch isn't worth the cost,

fill the void in my life but you were the only one to see me alive.

alive. just surround me.

windows that I've seen you walk by ten thousand times.

now proceed to throw, or were they daggers,

despite the broken glass, your smile is fake,

your eyes are fake, your smile is fake,

just the way the beauty you portray.

the time has come. consume.

you sold your eyes to the worthless

and now your face is killiing me.

so many faces just like yours so many smiles just like yours, yours.

I refuse to live this way.

I refuse. take my hand and I'll lead you through it, take my hand.

I'm not afraid I'm not afraid anymore, I am not afraid.

one last torment forget my eyes for me, taking it all from me