Shadow Walker

Bleeding Through

Fucking coward, does it make you feel big

and strong to watch her cry out and bleed?

See the fear in her eyes, won't you kill the weakness in yours.

Motherfucker, vengeance comes soon.

You won't stand in front of me.

I'll avenge my family.

Been waiting these four years to destroy you,

to erase you from this place so we can breathe.

Don't want you as a memory.

Shadow, I'll cast you down.

You, you're just a bitch you think I'd let you forget?

Someday, our paths will cross, you're the one who will bleed.

Salvation from my hate.

Won't break my promise to the one who gave me this life.

I've been waiting these four years to get you out of my head.

You kill the memories, you kill the memories.

Won't kill this pain, your pain and memories.

Pain inside