White-Headed Woman

Black Oak Arkansas

White-headed woman (2)
ain't had a chance yet (2)
White-headed woman (2)
only got your pants wet, (2)
You know I want you,
you want me too I bet, (2)

White-headed woman (2)
maybe when the time is right. (2)
White-headed woman (2)
maybe you can spend the night. (2)
Won't get much sleep then
but we'll feel all right. (2)

I can tell by the look in your eyes
it has come of no surprise.
By the way that you lick your lips
you know what you're gonna get.

Cause I want you
White-headed woman. (2)

I want you this afternoon (2)
White-headed woman (2) please come soon. (2)
I can feel the vibes
a humpin on through the room. (2)

White-headed woman.