Introduction: Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

Black Oak Arkansas

Now there's somethin' I'd like to talk to you about
at this particular moment, and that's about the one
thing that we won't be able to do together. Unless we
all become as one. And if we all become as one, then
we can walk thru it together. Now I ain't walked thru
it all the way yet. But there was a time I walked
into it, and I had to go into it alone, that's this
place called the Halls of Karma. Now when you go into
the Halls of Karma the way I did, I don't know, it
might have been hallucination, but I think it was
real. You see I felt the presence of the two energies;
the positive and the negative; of God and the Devil,
however you want it. And they were pullin' and
decidin' and wondering what to do with my soul, and I
couldn't take this at this moment 'cause I had to come
back to be with you people to do a thing and I proved
to 'em, in bargainin' with 'em that I had a thing to
do for the good of all of us. Out of this bargain,
the devil, he got my body for the good in his needs
while I'm here on earth and the Lord, he's got my mind
for the good of the universe and for the good of man.
And they both got me in between 'cause they both got
my soul. So the next time I come up, I want the Lord
to, Please have Mercy, On My Soul