Big Daddy Kane

There's no myth or fable about the pimpin' at your label

What goes on under the table, why you think your deal is so unstable?

Now, whose the macaroni, A&R's acting phony

Once you make the matrimony, then he start to slackin' don't he

Or could it be the president that's being hesitant

Playin' his artist like a corner workin' specimen

And I ain't kidding you when I say it's political

The way they make a ridicule of artists can be pitiful

You know damn well there shouldn't be no company CO

Trying to show me about rap that's 53 or so

But yet and still they want to add advice, trying to keep their status right

When they should be working records for Gladys Knight

Who shape artists, man they catching rape charges

Once you sign on the dotted line, they lead you in the blind

Then you find, your state of revenue remains the same

Cause you getting less points than Steve Kerr be getting in a game

And just because it be too hardcore to judge it

They won't even touch it, and get to frontin' on the budget

When new artists come out, I can foresee the worst outcome

Cause everybody I know got beat their first album

So I took my contract to a lawyer so he can check it out (He don't know)

Then I took it to Dionne Warwick so she can read my hand (She don't know)


It's a shame, when artists gotta deal with cheats

They got game, for every young rapper they see out on the streets

You sign your name, they get like Big Red on the Five Heartbeats

Now who the blame, when you starvin' and your record label eats

Verse 2

Preach brother

They say the truth will set you free, but I see signs of treachery

Go on perpetually, here's how they get you G

They use the tricks, just to juice your

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