Shadow Of Death


Running scared

Fighting for your life

Swords are drawn

Midst the battle strife

You feel your life slip away

Limbs grow numb

Your flesh starts to burn

Wounds grow deep

Slowly you discern

Your life blood will drain away

The sands of time

Drain from the hourglass

Your life thread

Fraying in your grasp

The gates of death draweth nigh

Morning dawns

The sun begins to rise

Blood and sweat

Cloud your weary eyes

Straining to view your cruel foe

Gripping fear

No one can be seen

Fighting air

Yet your wounds bleed real

You fight the Shadow of Death

Distant form, drawing into sight

A man draws near

With no armor for the fight

Death thrusts the sword in His sight

Hope has gone

Surely you must die


Through the blackened sky

He rises and conquers death

We must die

Our sins will bring us death

At the end of Time

Jesus Christ

Death no longer reigns

Human sacrifice