Idols Of Ignorance


Dreamers, enticed to turn away

Kneeling, to gods born from clay

Praying, to images carved to stone

Bowing, though sins are not atoned

Hearing, only silence through your cries

Seeing, nothing with lifeless eyes

Worthless, are the objects idolized

Blinded, men fall to their demise

Unholy, lovers of themselves

Money, the lust of which compells

Brutal, without self control

Defying, the Redeemer of their soul

I am the first and the last

Yahweh, Creator of ages past

Ruler, Author of the Book of Life

Fortress, Saviour of impending strife

"I am the Lord

Apart of me

There is none

I form the light

Of this dark world

Bow to me or die!"

[Deuteronomy 4:28; Isaiah 44:9; II Timothy 3:3-5; Isaiah 45:5, 7, 22; Isaiah 44:6]