(Beck speaking:)
[ya know how it is
it's like, my lady's gone, y'know...
I just let my twig fly in the wind
you know it's like the branch broken
it's like, I let my twig fly in the wind
sometimes I need a little kindling (laughter),
sometimes I kindle up a slight...combustion of fire
I let my twig burn in the wind
ya know what I'm sayin?
it's like a's like a stick
but it's more portable (more laughter)
it's like my own portable twig, y'know what I'm sayin?
I let it fly in the wind
you know, sometimes I get lonely
and I let my twig fly in the wind...
yeah... it's like that, y'know] (music begins...)

Some weepy creepy willow pillow boggy shit
Transcendental big wheel can you feel it
Trippy face down trippin' so damn hard
Head splits open stuffin' spills out into the car
Drink a cup of dirty water and a load of bony frog
Slip me seven dollars and I'll pump it full of smog
Paint a monkey gold and let it loose downtown
Start him with a smile and he come back with a frown

He's just a twig in the wind
twig in the wind (a bunch of times)
all right

I'm happy feelin' crappy in your nappy little car
Squozen frozen duplicated drunk in a bar
Tape recorded all distorted genius machine
Spokesmodel dipped in refried beans
Piggys pay full price (?) to take them down to the dump
Dusty busty skeletons who pay at the pump
Multi-nippled rotating DJ sap
I'm shoulder high in crap and my water wings are flat

I'm just a twig in the wind...

twig in the wind
twig in the wind

(REALLY unintelligible Beck-stuff here)

[spoken: "Love me like a cab (?).
Love me. I know you will. Love me....(laugh)
let's chill. I know what you're made of: to me. The future
is bright....your pants are so tight. Tantalize.
On my thighs. Love me.........LIKE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!]

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