Whores Of Hades


horrid demons on dragonlike wings they rise

to lure all mortals to see through the disguise

their lustrous shape kindle man's lust and desire

us satan watches eager their writhing in blazing hellfire...

whores of hades, bitches from hell

with unspeakable lust they weave their spell

whores of hades; no need to rape!

willing and wild they lust for your cane

like spiders in nets, every male is their prey

they're open up wide for those who dare stay!

in wicked aldoration they welter in endless sin

to please the goatlord the dreaded master of man!

whores of hades, revel in lust;

to worship the master, coming they must!

whores of hades, ready to fuck!

if you don't please them, they cut off your cock...

to curse god's aldoration with their lustful spell

the horned master sent them up from hell!

within' the walls of his temple, lust is the only law;

to weave your damnation, the reason they were spawn...

whores of hades, sin for the glory of hell!

spawn from eternal fire; no survivors to tell...

whores of hades; you never can win

for women are but the cauldron of sin!

whores of hades sacrifice on the altar of sin!

they suck you dry until you crumble to dust!

whores of hades leave you drooling for more!

you're fuel to the furnace, now hear the hellfire roar!