Magic In Atmosphere


magical light in her eyes

in her eyes, in her eyes

ablooming beauty in her eyes

mistress with deep dark hair

arose from the mist of night

rose with her thorns

impaling sharp fingernails

nailing look with sparks in her look

ankles like swan's neck

temple of her face with curls of hair

obscures the surrounding world

inheritance from the ancients

venom and nectar at the same time

infinite by her traits

a sight for sore eyes

I live my life of leisure, for her

never ending journey, a trip to insanity

ecstasy and angel dust

naked, untamed

this is my conclusion

I'm driven to insanity

my life runs far too fast

afraid to be alone

never comfortable in crowd

tormented by myself

terrorised, horrorised

infernally mesmerised

reborn by that chantress

angel of ecstasy

tamed by her powers

angel with the seed

seed of blooming race