Take Me Down


Take me down

Gimme the score

Tell me I'm gone

Tell me I'm done

You've counted me out

Before the last bell has rung

Tell me I'm gone

Here brick by brick

Let's rebuild this lovely scene

You say blood is thicker boy

But it's not what these eyes see

The truth is bitter real

Yes it's a spinning wheel

Round and around and around we go

You know I never really could get into

our conversations

Just merely confrontations

It's a lovefest, an inspiration

You try to play preacher

And teach me the ways of the world

The path you have taken

The dark road

Was built on the lies that were told

Take me down

Gimme the score tell me I'm gone

Tell me I'm done

You've counted me out

before the last bell has rung

Take me down

Deeper and deeper

Right through the heart

Tell me I'm done

All roads are blocked

and there's no where to run

Tell me I'm gone

You know I've been wandering

And dragging this heavy soul

Lord knows

These lessons you're selling

Soul medicine

Isn't try to meet ya

On that high plateau

So take the message to the chief

tell him I ain't coming

This heart's to proud it can't be broken

It's a black tie affair

And guess who's coming to dinner

You make the words sound so sweet

Let's pretend that everythings

Gonna be alright. Alright

It took me a second to read ya

Just wasn't my game fool

Face me when I speak to ya

Take me down...