Get's Down Like That


[Featuring Big Bone, D-Day]


I clear the corners like homers with the bass is strong(?)

They can't stand to see me with it so I fakes no funk

No punk in my bloodline

Just killas and shit

Ride to town like the biggest dope dealers with grip, bitch

It ain't easy being wealthy

Staying healthy

Knowing sucka muthufuckas they want to melt me

But I ain't ice cream, butter, or the cheddar cheese

You better peep the Berreta of a nigga sleep

Big Bone:

'Cuz they be knowin' about the city that I'm comin out of

Check your shit

You might come up short of your hefty grip

We nightcrawlers straight underground

Jackin' you for your shit nigga

What you gonna do now

When you see us niggas comin' through

Grab your bitch and your kids

We want 'em too

Yeah, 'cuz playaz come out when it's sunny

But when night time comes

Those playaz turn into gangstas and get they money


All the time I'm pumpin dope

For those who underestimate the propa shit

And won't quit until I accumulate the propa grip

So don't trip

As we get with these fools who thought they knew

From the gate

Keep it straight when fuckin' with my crew

'Cuz I'll be going up out my way to keep this shit straight

Mobb down about the town like a pancake

Earthquake I'm shakin 'em up like my hurricane

Applying pressure whenever and it's a damn shame


We spit the superfly shit

Makin' a bitch say hey

Them Sick Wid' It niggas get they cash money

We keep them pistols and gats

Down for peelin' them caps

'Cuz them niggas from my camp get's down like that