Star Castle


Domes cover underground Chambers

raising a (Mighty) tower tall to the Sky

Where the Lords of the West gather

Once again to explore the Crystal Night

Instruments of Oak and Brass at hand

Before the Gateway to the Stars they Stand

Circular joined in concentration

Persistence, anticipation

The window Opens

Respire the flow, the scolding stream!

Threefold the current of Zephyrous Wings!!!

While infringing the doors of the alluring sky

Mesmerized by the Astral constellations

Lost Souls shelter in churning seas

Primordial shapes on Solar Winds

Masters of Space, time and Infinity

No barrier they do not Overpass!!!

Domes cover underground Chambers

Noble Lords stand tall to the Sky

Whilst they Carry Draconis to the Netherworld

Black clouds gather on Western Winds

Shiver, burn and Atomize

Galaxies of perennial marvel

Unforsaken Oceans enshrined

In a Matrix of Worship and Devotion