Queen Of Death


The carnal sins of desires are dancing in my mind

The blackened earth has given me knowledge

To summon Thy name, wicked daemoness

Praise to Thee, Queen of Death

Thy beauty has no words to explain Thy presence!

Spread Thy leather wings and possess my body

With the everlasting Lust

Queen of Death, rape me, take me

Kiss me with Thy morbid lips, like fire

they're burning my flesh!

Thou turneth my pain into never ending pleasure!

Rape me with Thy demonic forces!

Black beauty of dark desire!

Thou bringeth out the Devil in me!

I shall make a proper sacrifice to bless Thee Daemoness!!!

Hearken and remember!

Queen of Death, rape me, take me

Prevail thy presence in the lonely night

When the moon is shining in the blackened sky!

Hail to Thee, beloved Daemoness,

Queen of Death! Hearken and remember!