Two Kings

At Vance

Raising like brothers

Sharing their dreams

Feeling protested

(but) it's not like it seemed

Jelousy grew

As time went on by

Nobody knew

That their love was a lie

Unspoken hate

Tor them apart

They had to wait

The fight couldn't start

Slaved by their descent

Unable to slove

Searching the reason

Searching the truth

Destiny paid it's dues

And they have nothing left to loose

(so they) both build a kingdom

Reigning different worlds

They were like


One have the poverty

One lived in luxury

They ruled


Both ruled their nation

With power and strength

Darkshaded warriors

Waiting to strike

Like vultures who circle

On the top of their victims

Patient they are waiting

'til their time has come

Tagedy took it's all

And the winner took it all