My Bleeding Heart

At Vance

Now all that is left

Are these broken pieces of my life

And I'm asking myself

Was it all worth it

Were I was wrong

What was my mistake

I gave you all I had (to give)

But your love was just a fake

Can't you see

What you've done to me

You took all of me

But you didn't answer my call

You never knew me at all


My bleeding heart

Will tell you

All the pain you've caused

You've torn me apart

And my soul is crying

To bring back our love

Maybe you thought

That nothing in this could

Bring me down

But the truth is here for you

Cause my heart's not made of stone

I'm not the man

That I used to be

You tought me

What sadness means to me

What you see

Is what you've done to me

You just took my heart away

But I couldn't make you see

I could not make you stay