The Pillar

Armored Saint

Dressed in a shroud

Preparing the stand-off

A meeting of the minds must be understood

Benevolent grin couldn't be kinder

The ceremony guest is unveiling his hood

Draining power straight from the pillar

A grisly affection no one denies

The darker the room

The warmer the climate

For an unsuspected thrill homicide


You're old enough - to know


Lethargic is thought

Your brain slowly rots

Lust for the taste, no time to waste

It gives me, it gives strength

It gives strength over you (yes i do)

Waited the day

That i'd be discovered

Oblivious fools take the longest time

Endless travels

Through laws of nature

Opening boxes, oh what a find

Maximum pain with minimal pleasure

Strive for the things that you never can have

Chasing a dream that seems so appealing

Only to awaken on the wrong path

Begging to be the servants pet

Breaking free from the horde of norm

Futile transition, plenty of residue

The cheerful flesh is rolled into form