The Best Part

Amy Mastura

The best part of the morning
Is opening my eyes
Seeing you next to me
Makes me realize
That all in my heart
You're the best part

The best part of the day
Is receiving your call
Taking me away
From the rest of it all
Hearing your voice
That's the best part

The best part of sundown
Is the colourful sky
Dreaming of us, eye to eye
Thinking of you
That's the best part

Although there may be bad times
That cause us some pain
If all the times were good
It wouldn't be true
But i'd go through the bad times
Just to have
One good times with you
When I think of my life
Everyday in my life
The best part of living has been you
When I dream in the night
Hold you close hold you tight
The best part of loving comes true

The best part of my life
Is being with you
If you ever away
My life would be through
Cause right from the start
You've been the best part
The best part