On The Way To Hell


Cursed I am to walk this soil

No light of grace shines on me

In my pain I stare with empty eyes

Cold walls surrounding me

Alone I crawl my darkest edges

No warmth of life embracing me

Through the night, through the light

The outer dark is waiting me

I can feel...this darkness bleeding on me

I can feel...life is running away from me

Drown your pain, drown your life

This emptiness is too much to bear

Drown your hate, drown your love

This life ain't worth of living anymore

The pulse of strenght, once forgotten

Whispers about my buried dignity

These empty thoughts in these empty rooms

Nothing compares to this agony

With this fire, with this pain

My mortal life shall decease with hails

Joyfull..is my final journey

Towards those gates


On my way to hell

Fucking up life so goddamn well

On my way to hell

I've got a soul yo sell

On my way to hell

I know the place where bastards dwell

On my way to hell

I'm every day

No spark of hope in this twilight of mine

The end as same what life used to be

No dreams of glory, no dreams of life

Putrefaction fucking guaranteed

So come to me and gather your harvest

Bleed your darkest bliss upon me

Kingdom of fire is all I see

Fastest lane down my journey will be