Life Is Agony


Snake-eyes burns the night while candlelight glows

My arms are raised high towars the sky

Into the river of oblivion's wine I shall drown

The secrets of clandestine lie before my eyes

Midnight - cracks my spine in two

Divine - ain't this goddamn life, no

Sorrow shine your light to me

Agony tremble the ground beneath me

Poison runs inside my veins

As you sink your teeth in into my flesh

The guns of heaven will shoot me down

The guns of heaven will shoot me down

Vipers hiss when death hails me with her damned kiss

Cold killing rapture is freezing my lips

Fairytales, fairytales, they all sing to me

This sweet and temptating, delightful melody:

Walk through the shadows of dusk and dance before the fire with us

Let loose the wrath that paints your heart black

But my heart is black, like my wrath will only grow

The crimson stream of life will forever flow


This world is a lie, easier it would be to die

But we live in vain and die for the same

No moon nor the sun can sweep my tears away

Nothing can set me free from this life of agony