Tell Me How To Make You Smile

Aaron Carter

I remember the day we met
Almost like a fairytale
Kindalike Romeo and Juliet
I never gonna forget
Now my knees went weak
When you said "hi"
You held me up a
And look me in the eye
I almost cried, deep inside
There's so much love
That I don't understand
That I never learned myself
I wanna do what you want me to do
I want you and no one else
Tell me how to make you smile (tell me how)
Tell me how to love you, babygirl
I want you to tell me how (how)
Tell me how to make you smile (tell me 3x)
I heard about how wonderful love can be
But in my mind I never could have dreamed
'Coz it's fantasy
Maybe it's destiny
I share myself with you in a special way
I'm not a little boy
I never gonna leave you
And I'm gonna say
That everything is okay
Repeat Bridge & Chorus