Hey You

Aaron Carter

Here we go with the J I V E
We're gonna bust it
'Cause we roll with the AC
Here we go with the J I V E
We're gonna, we're gonna
Here we go

1, I wanna take ya out
2, a gig in town
3, I want your love
4, you know what's up
5, it's in your eyes
6, you're lookin' fine
7, I'll take you to Heaven

Sitting around, girl
You really like me
Should I believe
What they all say
(All right)
I saw you in town
You know you all
Drive by me
Tell me, do you
Feel the same way

I know you
Really wanted me baby
I see it in your eyes
So what do you say

Hey you, what do you know
You got your hands
In your pockets and
You walk real slow

Hey you, what do you say
I gotta have your number
I gotta make your day

Hey you, you talking to me
When I tell you
What I want
What I try to say

Hey you, hey you
What do you say