Ever Since

A True Story

Day break brings out the worst in me
The side that no one else can see
The time that always helps to be alone
When Everything that's on my mind
That keeps my life next to the line
Is all poured out and lost upon the floor
The last 10 hours of my day
Spent thinking of another way To show them that Iam not insane And like a demon you haunt me every Thought And like a criminal stalk my every move
And like a killer kill my every dream
That's all I see, That's all I see when I look at you
Addicted to a lot of bad habits with nothing to loose
But a habit like you that's worth the bruise
And every time I realize that you make me feel dead inside helps me from craving all your lies
So Place your hands upon my eyes
To erase all that I see in you
hold my heart in your palms
Kill all I know and leave no clues
Cover up everything and leave nothing behind,
Cover up everything commit the perfect crime