Their Lovers Fall

A Small Victory

Sitting here alone

At this one stop train station

With nothing to keep my mind at bay

But the smiles on stranger's faces

And the moment when I saw your eyes

Peering through that frosted window

I swear I felt this scarf

Tighten around my neck

And now it seems that I don't even have

To try to keep your little mouth shut

And you know that I would do almost anything

Just to hear you scream and break

This haunting silence

At the top of your lungs

But breaking the silence with you

Is like pulling my teeth out

So we are spending this year's holidays alone Nothing to keep us warm

But the water that burns in our guts

And we can count the doves

As one by one their lovers fall,

Crashing into the ground...exploding in the air,

As the earth opens up beneath

To swallow their empty corpses.