A Small Victory

With eyes so stunning tonight,

You know that you could stop their hearts

So be careful not to kill yourself

With the reflecting images in your room

And I will lose you in the emptiest of places

So long as you cross your heart that

This planets still spinning

And will you whisper into my ear

When we are all just emptier now

I will lose you in the emptiest of places

And I will stare at you

With the blankest of stares

I never thought you would hear me say...

I never thought I'd say this.

Right now you mean everything to me,

Sometimes your all that I have...

So hold on to the times we've got

Sometimes this life makes me feel

Just like I could die right now without you.

But there's something about me

Like there's something about your skin

It can't always be there for you

But in the coldest of nights

It will keep you warm.