The Summers Seem Like Days

A Long Winter

It seems like yesterday. Everything happened so fast. I watched it go with the hours of summer. Now the winters seem endless. It's so cold when your alone..I sit under the tree waiting for those days to catch up with me. Where have those days gone? It seems like they were pulled from under our feet. Please remember that I didn't want it to end. That's just the way that it is. I'll always be here. Under the tree.

Right in front of my eyes I watched the walls I've built up come crumbling down. What now takes its place is a pile of dust and a faded memory. Crashing down. I just let the tears fall. We didn't say a word. Just stood beside her and watched her go. Without recognition. Without a goodbye. Without a thought, without a care I watched the glare of those burning memories. Everything you used to hold so dear. Everything you always thought was right turned to karma in the end. So I stand beside myself. And I laugh. As it all comes crashing down.