A Long Winter

She'll stand tall. It doesn't matter what's been said. Sweetest Juliet. I won't strip you of all your beauty. Juliet. You've lead your flock of sheep astray. Juliet. I'll stay calm though these hard times. Juliet. Juliet. Juliet. Your beauty melts away. Juliet. We don't deserve you. Juliet. I'll never change. Juliet. Play your violin with angel fingers. Strip you of your wings watch you tumble down. Juliet.

Apparently I've been misled. The sun has dried my tears and the air has healed my wounds. I take back every compliment, every smile. Every hug. I take back my heart. I've left it for dead. Something came along and killed the lust I had for you. I've convinced myself. It's far too late. I was willing to change my world. If only your dead eyes could see. There was something more than space in between you and me.