Paper Airplanes (makeshift Wings)


Raise high monolithic statues so fragile.

As they fall, I am ever enthralled.

Gaze, lie and smirk in time.

Your arrogance will suit you well

'til fashion is dispelled.

As waves of plastic fame go out of fashion,

you're going out forever unknown.

These waves of plastic fame are drying up

and I smile because you're dying to become forever unknown.

From above a rain of ashes descends.


I will remain forever will remain.

From below, in my seclusion,

look up to the sky to see paper wings

and watch them burn.

Without habitation.

You'll never find a soul inside,

no life,

but nothing's died.

No lights, but quite the show

(just as long as no one ever knows

all motion is pantomime.)

Dancing in the rain of descending ash,

dancing on your grave,

I'll see you all falling.

Dancing in the rain of descending ash,

dancing in your dust.

I'll see you all falling.

I'd stop it, had you a heart.
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