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Scan Releases "The Passion" - Album Review
January 24th, 2006 by BIGWILL


Artist: Scan
Album: The Passion
Label: Groundup Entertainment
Rating: 4.5/5

With the West Coast underground scene bubbling, there are many artists who think they are ready to blow through and provide what many feel is necessary, a solid album. With the debut release of Los Angeles native Scan's album, appropriately titled "The Passion," fans will be happy to find a listening experience that touches on the complexity of a young man's struggles in life, told through vivid stories with the pen and passionate, hungry hip-hop.

At a time when rap is saturated with mixtapes, stale subject matter and a lack of originality, a listen to the first 3 minutes of "The Passion" give you a raw welcome into Scan's world.

"Now what this is is the ending of a struggle/Hope I called the right play it's the ending of the huddle/ Only got one chance and it's a long run/Here I go, fourth and goal from my own 1/"

Using what seems to be an endless supply of clever and descriptive metaphors, Scan let's his lyrics unfold an amazing introduction towards what to expect from the album. Less than halfway into the first track one thing becomes very clear, Scan's talent gives you a front row seat into his mind as he readies himself for a push at success in music and life, all the while taking you along for every step.

Followed by the 'ready for anything' attitude of the second song, "Bring Ya Best," Scan makes it clear that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to win. His abilities to smoothly switch to more serious topics are perfectly presented on the tracks "I Don't Care" and "Thinking Under The Influence," the latter which finds him telling an honest and heartfelt tale of a man's struggles with alcohol and the law.

"I might be smiling but I'm walking with doubts/And it's just a matter of time before my walking gives out/ ...Tilt the bottle and not a drop coming out/I'm still sober, treating the liquor like soda-I can't run from death cause everyday the shit gets closer/"

The pain and sincerity in his voice as he raps make each verse leave a strong impact, and the inclusion of real life issues offers his audience something many may be able to relate to. The album also steps in the direction of more hardcore material, most noticeably on tracks like the potential LA anthem "Gangsta Gangsta," where Scan spits a cocky street style over a grimy beat and hook.

"You ain't gotta like me-Cause you ain't got it like me/That's why you feel like you gotta fight me/"

The songs "Something To Say" and "The Ugly Truth" further show why Scan has every right to feel so highly of his skills, as he drops lines on "The Ugly Truth" that will have you rewinding to catch everything he says.

"You hide behind your bars thinking that you won't be accepted/But if you real then a fraud is easily detected/ This is food for thought man eat your breakfast/I just add metaphors and punchlines to season the message/ ...You don't even know who you are nigga you guessing/That's another niggas life that you identity thefting"

Featuring tracks also dealing with issues like relationships and conquests over girls, as well as the extremely catchy and party friendly single "Victory", which is rapped over the sounds of the USC marching band, plus boasting almost all original production, the album is sure to please fans of all types.

After a few spins, any true fan of hip-hop, regardless of the region they prefer, should be able to appreciate and enjoy this album, as it showcases a young and determined artist pouring himself into a record with a top-notch skill level at his disposal. With little to no bumps on the ride, chances are you will find yourself ready to start the whole thing over again once it's done. I guarantee you'll find a new reason to each time.

Thanks go out to Don and Scan, and check out his official myspace today by clickin on this link: Support this new west talent and pick up a copy today!

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