Daftar Lirik Lagu Morrissey

Daftar Lirik Lagu Morrissey
# Artis Lagu
1 Morrissey

All The Lazy Dykes

2 Morrissey

All You Need Is Me

3 Morrissey

Alma Matters

4 Morrissey

Alsatian Cousin

5 Morrissey

Ambitious Outsiders

6 Morrissey

America Is Not The World

7 Morrissey


8 Morrissey

Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together

9 Morrissey

Asian Rut

10 Morrissey

At Amber

11 Morrissey

At Last I Am Born

12 Morrissey

Bengali In Platforms

13 Morrissey

Best Friend On The Payroll

14 Morrissey

Billy Budd

15 Morrissey

Black Cloud

16 Morrissey

Black-eyed Susan

17 Morrissey

Born To Hang

18 Morrissey


19 Morrissey

Break Up The Family

20 Morrissey

Certain People I Know

21 Morrissey

Come Back To Camden

22 Morrissey

Cosmic Dancer (live)

23 Morrissey

Dagenham Dave

24 Morrissey

Dear God, Please Help Me

25 Morrissey


26 Morrissey

Do Your Best And Don't Worry

27 Morrissey

Driving Your Girlfriend Home

28 Morrissey

Everyday Is Like Sunday

29 Morrissey

First Of The Gang To Die

30 Morrissey

Found Found Found

31 Morrissey

Girl Least Likely To

32 Morrissey

Glamorous Glue

33 Morrissey

Hairdresser On Fire

34 Morrissey

Have-a-go Merchant

35 Morrissey

He Cried

36 Morrissey

He Knows I'd Love To See Him

37 Morrissey

Hold On To Your Friends

38 Morrissey

How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel

39 Morrissey

I Am Hated For Loving

40 Morrissey

I Don't Mind If You Forget Me

41 Morrissey

I Have Forgiven Jesus

42 Morrissey

I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

43 Morrissey

I Like You

44 Morrissey

I Will See You In Far Off Places

45 Morrissey

I'd Love To

46 Morrissey

I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero

47 Morrissey

I'm Not Sorry

48 Morrissey

I'm OK By Myself

49 Morrissey

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

50 Morrissey

I've Changed My Plea To Guilty