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FOR REVENGE is a Band formed in Bandung, Indonesia in 2006. The original lineup consisted of Hagie Juliandri, Archims Pribadi and Abie Nugraha. Also, Boniex Noerwega joined our cause along with Arief Ismail to became our final formation consisting Alternative / Post Hardcore / Rock Genre. even some say that we are Emo.
Abie NUgraha left the band due to permanent migration to another land in 2014

We mixed our different influences into one, and creating many songs. we already released our First Debut Album titled “FIREWORKS” back in 2011. it’s almost two years ago.
and now we’re working on the Second Album which to be titled “SECOND CHANCE” and the single titled “SENDIRI” is already released on September 28th 2012.
we also have released our first Official Music Video for the song titled “SENDIRI”. you can watch or download it from YOUTUBE :)
also, We already released our new single titled "Tak Mengalah" which you can buy it in iTunes.
and also a new Official Music Video from the song of the Second Album titled "The Wall Feat. Willy Aftercoma" where you can find it in YOUTUBE :)

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