Daftar Lirik Lagu Birdy

Daftar Lirik Lagu Birdy
# Artis Lagu
1 Birdy

1901 (originally by Phoenix)

2 Birdy

All About You

3 Birdy

All You Never Say

4 Birdy

Beautiful Lies

5 Birdy

Best Shot

6 Birdy

Best Shot with Jaymes Young

7 Birdy

Comforting Sounds (originally by Mew)

8 Birdy

Deep End

9 Birdy

Farewell And Goodnight (originally by Smashing Pumpkins)

10 Birdy

Fire And Rain (originally by James Taylor)

11 Birdy

Give Up

12 Birdy

Growing Pains

13 Birdy

Hear You Calling

14 Birdy

Heart Of Gold

15 Birdy

I'll Never Forget You (originally by Francis And The Lights)

16 Birdy

If This Is It Now

17 Birdy

Just A Game

18 Birdy

Keeping Your Head Up

19 Birdy

Let Her Go originally by Passenger

20 Birdy

Let It All Go

21 Birdy

Let It All Go with Rhodes

22 Birdy

Light Me Up

23 Birdy


24 Birdy

Lighthouse (Terjemahan)

25 Birdy

Lost It All

26 Birdy


27 Birdy

No Angel

28 Birdy

Nobody Knows Me Like You Do

29 Birdy

Not About Angels

30 Birdy

People Help the People

31 Birdy

People Help The People (originally by Cherry Ghost)

32 Birdy

Quietly Yours

33 Birdy

Save Yourself

34 Birdy


35 Birdy


36 Birdy

Shelter (originally by The xx)

37 Birdy


38 Birdy

Skinny Love

39 Birdy

Skinny Love (originally by Bon Iver)

40 Birdy

Skinny Love (Terjemahan)

41 Birdy

Start Again

42 Birdy

State Lines

43 Birdy

Strange Birds

44 Birdy

Take My Heart

45 Birdy

Tee Shirt

46 Birdy

Terrible Love (originally by The National)

47 Birdy

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (originally by The Postal Service)

48 Birdy


49 Birdy

What You Want

50 Birdy

White Winter Hymnal (originally by Fleet Foxes)